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Species 8472 energy focusing ship, In the Flesh

Profile view of energy focusing ship

The energy focusing ship was an organic starship utilized by Species 8472. Larger than its Species 8472 bioship counterpart, the vessel was used to focus energy from other bioships to form an extremely powerful direct energy weapon.

This is completely with the assistance of eight bioships that would form a ring around the energy-focusing ship and fire on it. The energy-focusing ship amplified and focused the energy bolts of the eight bioships into one huge bolt. This energy beam was capable of destroying whole planets.


The manner in which this ship fires - multiple beams of energy converging into one large beam, bears a striking resemblance to that of another sci-fi planet-killer, the Death Star. The energy bolt of a single bioship was extremely powerful, so the focused beam was yet more powerful, causing the majority of the destroyed planet to be blasted outwards.

An energy focusing ship was used to destroy a Borg planet in 2373, with assistance by eight other bioships. Star Trek Voyager Scorpion Using this weapon, Species 8472 systematically annihilated planet after planet in Borg space. In a battle that occurred in the region of Borg space which the Borg designated (by Borg spatial designations) Matrix 010, Grid 19, eight planets were destroyed by it.

A side-view of the energy focusing ship was visible on Valerie Archer's Species 8472 desktop monitor.


The vessel is described as a "frigate" in Star Trek: Armada II, and it can use its energy focusing ability while grouped with anywhere from four to eight other ships.

The vessel is named the Dahut class in Star Trek Online.


  • Star Trek Voyager- Scorpion