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"Them" to All of Us
Allasomorph to Arquillian
Arquindae to Behemoth (The Troop)
Behemoth Universe to Brann
Bratubette to Chairman L.C. Clench
Chak'tal to Crematorian Arthropod
Creon to Digger (Star Trek)
Digger (Valiant Universe) to Eldarian
Elder Thing to Firvulag
Fish-snake to Gelgamek
Gelgameks to Grizby
Grizzela to Hozen
Hrakian to Javkor's Species
Jawa to Klackons
Klamip to Lissepian
List of needed Articles to Martians (All Tomorrows)
Martin Cromwell to Moon Mite
Moon Tribe to Nimp
Nimrog to Pandora
Pandora (Avatar) to Proliferan
Promethean to Reticulan Squirt Worms
Reuben (Lilo & Stitch) to Scorpius Fly
Scourge to Skopandre
Skorah to Squit
Squiz-Quijy to Tatori
Tau to Tintinna
Tiny's Species to Unidentified Sylus Species
Unidentified UR41-284 species to Voriplasm
Vorlon to Xoxian
Xploder to Zyzzybalubah
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