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"Alien Gorilla-Wolf MotherFuckers" to Aliens (life of Brian)
Aliens in the Attic to Armored Mawdad
Armurk to Bendu
Benefactor to Breet
Brench to Chameleon (Brewster Rockit)
Chameleon (Doctor Who) to Crocomire
Croctopus to Disciples of the Light
Disimian to Elquon
Elrod's species to Floater (X-COM)
Flogum to Gialayan
Giant (Hilda) to Gullipud
Gulmarid to Hurrian
Husk to Jo-adian
Jo-dian to Koozebanian
Koozebanian Phoob to Lohé
Lok-Teel to Mecha Red Bulborb
Mecha Yellow Bulborb to Mriss
Mrissti to Numlox and Phlegmak
Nuna to Peeper
Peeper Beetle to Punky
Pupdozer to Ripley 8
Ripoblus to Selenite
Selkath to Sludgepuppy
Sludir to Sticklebush
Sticks to Tetrapteron
Tev to Tra'cor
Traag to Ur-Quan
Ur-Quan (Brown) to Watcher (Destiny's Crucible)
Watcher (Marvel) to Yrashu
Yridian to Zyzzybalubah
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