Sparklium is the name given to a native golden flower that's found along the surface of PNF-404. It's these plants that became the main focus behind Captain Olimar's Sparklium Expedition.


Fully grown Sparklium resemble and function much like flowers but with some unique characteristics. RWhile smaller Sparklium grow from the ground up like normal flowers, larger specimens had been seen hanging off of the ceiling. Sparklium are given that name as they sparkle in the sunlight.

Two different variants of the Sparklium had been observed: smaller variants that grow off of the ground, and the larger ceiling-hanging specimens. It is unclear though as to how they gain their sunlight in some places, notably larger specimens as they're typically found within enclosed areas where sunlight can't entirely reach. This suggests that they don't entirely require sunlight alone in order to fully mature and feed like true flowers and plants tend to do.


Crashlanding seed

A Sparklium Seed.

Sparklium, if struck, will result in dropping numerous Sparklium Seeds. These seeds resemble small golden acorns, and are the main fuel source Captain Olimar collects during his expedition. These seeds come in three different variants, each categorized by the amount of fuel gained from them:

Yellow Sparklium: The smallest of the seeds yet the most common variant. They are worth one fuel pint a piece.

Red Sparklium: these are slightly larger than the common yellow Sparklium, and are worth five pints of fuel.

Rainbow Sparklium: Rainbow Sparklium Seeds are the rarest and largest of the Sparklium, larger even than a Hocotatian. These are worth fifty pints of fuel.

These seeds had been found almost everywhere, and are highly adaptive as well to the environment.

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