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General Information
Homeworld Darwin IV
Habitat Pocket Forests
Height Small
Locomotion Quadruped
Diet Carnivorous (Small Ground Dwellers)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Darwin IV Universe
Created by Wayne Barlowe

A Spade-Nose is a quadrupedal organism indigenous of Darwin IV which lives in the local forests. They are named for their blue-hued, spade-like nose. They are common prey to the Forest Gulpers. They have small mouths located on the top of their shovel-like snouts, resembling a blowhole on Earthly aquatic mammals. They shovel up soil with their snout, then tip their heads back so it falls into their mouths. They then filter out small invertebrates with a small bladder in their throat. They then eject unwanted material (dirt, stones, etc.) through another small hole in the bottom of the throat and consume the small animals.

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