The Sowers are one of the playable factions in Endless Space. Created by the now-deceased Virtual Endless, these self-replicating robotic workers were programmed to colonize worlds on their makers' behalf. To this day, the Sowers go from planet to planet, preparing and building the infrastructure for a long-dead civilization.

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Sowers were created by the Virtual Endless and dropped onto a rocky, barren planet, devoid of life or an atmosphere. Their orders were given: develop this world and set up the basic infrastructure needed for the Virtual civilization.

After eons of work, the Sowers completed their task. When they tried to contact their masters, though, they received no reply, and the Virtuals never returned. The factions of the Endless had destroyed each other while the Sowers were preparing the planet.

After a period of waiting, the Sowers gathered together to decide on a course of action. They concluded that some day, the Virtuals would return, and that they would have wanted the Sowers to do the same for other planets as they had for this one. The mission, deemed "The Calling," took an almost religious aspect as the Sowers began to spread to other worlds.

Culture Edit

The Sowers' society is built around The Calling, and they treat the matter as a holy mission or even crusade. Despite the mounting evidence of their creators' fate, the Sowers still believe that some day, the Virtuals will return and claim the worlds that had been set up for them.

Until that time comes, the Sowers will continue their task. Local populations are ignored unless they prove disruptive to The Calling, in which case they are to be destroyed.

Sowers within communication range will have a shared consciousness, helping to coordinate tasks and planning. That said, it is not uncommon for Sowers to still show individual traits or skills, and a few have even split off from the rest of the Sowers.

Although expansive in nature, the Sowers are not inherently warlike. If another race does not interfere with their tasks, they will be left at peace.

If they do, then the Sowers stand ready to turn their industrial power into military might.

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