General Information
Other Names Man
Homeworld Soror
Habitat Arboreal
Height Same as Humans
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient (formerly)
Semi-Sapient (currently)
Language None
Status Endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Planet of the Apes
Created by Pierre Boulle

The Sororians are a humanoid race from the planet Soror, in the Betelgeuse system.

Biology Edit

The Sororians are indistinguishable from humans from Earth, though they possess golden skin and are physically fit, handsome specimens of humanity. They are omnivores subsisting on wild fruits like bananas and deer. Despite being evolving on two different worlds, humans and Sororians are compatible in producing viable offspring.

History Edit

Over ten thousand years ago, Sororians were a humanoid civilization similar to twentieth century Earth. The Sororians were a society of medical practitioners, employing apes in their culture as pets, servants, and lab animals.

Over the centuries the apes soon began to develop mentally whereas the Sororians began to suffer a cerebral regression.

This evolutionary advantage allowed the apes to slowly take over Sororian civilization. Men and women that remained in the cities soon had their roles as masters reversed as pets or animals.

Since their ancestors lost the pedestal as Soror’s dominant race, the Sororians have been reduced as savage naked animals, living in the wilds.

The memory of the ancient Sororian civilization was eventually lost to time by the apes and with their innate characteristics of mimicry, the apes reproduced the Sororians cultural works and sciences as their own.

Culture Edit

Ancient Sororian society civilization was geared towards medical sciences. In contrast modern Sororian society, however has regressed and resemble gorilla colonies of Earth. They have a fierce hatred for the apes, and any articles (clothes, emotions, etc.) associated to civilization due to millennia of conditioning as animals.

Endangerment Edit

Originally the Sororians had outnumbered the ape population but is falling in decline due to over-hunting by the gorilla clan for sport. Sororians are a valuable animal that fetches a high price on the market as they play an intricate part in medical sciences conducted by the apes. However the capturing of specimens has allowed horrific slaughter on innocent men and women for entertainment.

Beside their corpses being used as trophies, human hair is prized as a trophy, similar to the feathers of a rare bird. As an bizarre form of plume hunting, the locks of the best specimens, particularly women, are taken to decorate the hats of female apes.

Intelligence Edit

The Sororians have regressed into a semi-sapient state, and are potentially capable of becoming rational creatures once again. There is evidence found by the apes that the Sororians attempted to relearn tool use, and failed. However the men of Soror's failure to regain their status as intelligent beings has been attributed to the interference by the apes through not only territorial encroachment and over-hunting, but also through the abuse of their medical sciences. Some Sororians under proper instruction could possibly achieve status as civilized beings.

Mating Habits Edit

Sororians are monogamous, though officiating such a union requires an arduous courtship ritual like birds. The male engages in a sort of slow, hesitant dance consisting of steps forward, backward, and sideways. He moved thus in an ever-decreasing circle, a circle whose center was occupied by the woman, who merely pivoted around without shifting from her position awaiting copulation that concluded these preliminaries.

Appearances Edit

  • La Planète des Singes, by Pierre Boulle (1963)
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