Alien Species

The Sordinians are a humanoid species, native to the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Their homeworld is Sordinia IV. Physically, Sordinians can be identified by their tall and bony stance, three-fingered hands, dark and glossy skin and their silver eyes.


By the 23rd century, the Sordinians had fallen victim to numerous pirates and plunderers who had sought to rob the planet of its natural mineral wealth. For decades the eleven billion inhabitants lived in ramshackle hovels, but they refused to take up arms against their aggressors, although they naturally became deeply distrustful of all aliens who approached their planet. In the early 2250s, the Sordinians made contact with representatives from the United Federation of Planets. Many Sordinians were distrustful of them, but the newly elected Prime, Vodis Vodanis, overlooked his mistrust and welcomed the Federation envoys with open arms, teaching them about Sordinian culture, and in return learning about the Federation. Realizing the advantages that joining the Federation would have on Sordinian trade, science, culture and, more importantly, defense, Vodanis went against the advice of some of his counselors and successfully petitioned for Federation membership.

By 2257, the Sordinians had been well served by their membership, not alien pirates had visited the planet in over five years, and they had began to utilize the planets mineral wealth for their own purposes, building elegant new building in the capital city. However, the underlying fear and mistrust of aliens still remained in the Sordinians' collective consciousness. When six unknown alien satellites appeared in orbit of Sordinia in this year, the fear bubbled to the surface and the people were embraced by mass hysteria, even though the satellites intentions hadn't been determined. Prime Vodanis contacted Starfleet and they dispatched the USS Constitution to determine the satellites intent, but in order to assuage the Sordinians' hysteria, Captain Augenthaler and Commander Akira Hirota of the Constitution had to beam down to the surface in order to show that there was, as of yet, no reason to panic.