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Sonorosians are a race of humanoid creatures made of silicon from the planet Sonorosia.[1]



Sonorosians are small humanoid beings made of silicon. The circle-shaped indents on the back of a Sonorosian's hands are sound holes that help them resonate.[2]

Although they are traditionally white with green eyes, mouths, and sounds holes, Sonorosians can come in other colors. For example, Negative Echo Echo is dark grey with red eyes, mouths, and sound holes.

Powers and abilities[]

Sonorosians can release ultrasonic screams capable of harming other beings such as Humans, Kinecelerans, To'kustars, and Trombipulor's Species to the point of incapacitating them. Fortunately, they are immune to being hurt by their own sonic screams due to the headphones they wear.[3]

A Sonorosian's sonic screams can be used to stop projectiles in mid-flight, overload machinery, and create forcefields. They can also damage Taydenite if projected at the correct frequency.[4]

Similar to Splixsons, Sonorosians can self-duplicate themselves. However, unlike Splixsons, Sonorosian clones are not linked in any way, allowing entire groups to be knocked out without harming the rest.

Sonorosians can perform echolocation, being able to locate objects and people, using their sonic screams.

Sonorosians can detect vibrations in the ground and channel them to enhance their screams. They can also transmit their sound waves through speakers, such as phones.

Sonorosians are strong for their size, being able to carry Gourmands and gang up on an Atasian with a set of clones.

Sonorosians are durable enough to withstand being thrown against a wall. They are also quite agile, being able to jump exceptionally high.

Sonorosians can apply their self-duplication on whatever objects they may be holding in their hands.

Sonorosians can levitate in the air.[4]

When under the effects of an Earth cold, Sonorosians can accidentally unleash sonic sneezes.


There is a limit to the durability of a Sonorosian's containment suit, meaning they can easily be destroyed. For example, they can be harmed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.

Sonorosians are vulnerable to fire, such as a Methanosian or Pyronite's attacks.

Sonorosians are vulnerable to electricity, such as a Cerebrocrustacean's electric beams.

Sonorosians can be incapacitated by quills fired by Argit's Species.

Sonorosians can be immobilized in ice, such as that generated by a Necrofriggian.

There is a limit to the number of duplicates a Sonorosian can make, which depends on the amount of energy they have access to.[3]

Like other living beings, Sonorosians can be controlled by a Vladat's Corrupturas. This is because they have an equivalent of a Human's brain waves.[4]

A Sonorosian's sonic screams are not as powerful as a Loboan's sonic howls.[5]

Culture and society[]


Sonorosians speak using voices that sound robotic, almost like a voice synthesizer.

Notable members[]

  • Echo Echo: An Omnitrix transformation used by Ben Tennyson.
    • Copy Copy: An alternate version of Echo Echo used by the Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23.
    • Negative Echo Echo: An alternate version of Echo Echo used by Albedo.
    • Mad Echo Echo: An alternate version of Echo Echo used by Mad Ben.[6]


  • Ultimate Kevin: 17-year-old Kevin Levin of the Prime Timeline transformed into an amalgamation of every alien available in the Ultimatrix prior to traveling to the Forge of Creation, including Echo Echo.
  • Skurd: Skurd has been able to create a megaphone using Sonorosian DNA.



  • The name "Sonorosian" is a play on sonic and sonar; it was first used on-screen by Inspector 13 in the Ultimate Alien episode "Inspector #13".
  • The exact nature of Sonorsians are unclear, as various accounts have been made by the crew. When asked if they are either robot-like aliens or wear containment suits, Dwayne McDuffie stated that Sonorsians "just looks like that".[3]
    • Meanwhile, Derrick J. Wyatt believed that Sonorisans are made of living sound waves, with their physical appearance being containment suits. It is currently unknown who came up with the latter concept, as Derrick heard it from someone else.[4]
  • Derrick views Sonorosians being able to create duplicates of objects they are holding as the result of a glitch with the Ultimatrix.[4] However, Matt Wayne does not believe this to be true because he was unaware of the existence of "glitch powers".[2]
  • A Sonorosian's singing would sound like auto-tune, though they are really good at dubstep.[4]
  • In 2020, Wyatt released a full-color model of an alternate version of Echo Echo used by Albedo.
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Sonorosian DNA.[5] Therefore, Echo Echo is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".
  • Although they are from different universes, Sonorosians would probably get along with Soundwave as long as they obeyed him.[4]
    • A Sonorosian's sonic screams can agonize Klyntar to the point of destabilizing them.[4]


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