Somalcygots are large, worm-like predators native to Golarion's moon. As opportunities for food are very rare in their environment, they spend most of their time hibernating and are extremely defensive of their territory.

Description Edit

Anatomy Edit

Somalcygots are shaped much like flatworms, albeit of enormous size. They average sixteen feet in length and 1,500 pounds in weight. They are covered in chitinous, bluish armor, except for four tentacles sprouting from the middle of the body. The head bears a vertical, toothy mouth, four antennae, and numerous small, yellow eyes.

Diet Edit

Somalcygots are exclusively carnivorous. They will voraciously attack and eat nearly any living creature they encounter.

Behavior Edit

Somalcygots are highly territorial animals that claim mile-radius stretches of the lunar surface as exclusive hunting grounds. A somalcygot spends the majority of its time hibernating beneath its territory, aimlessly burrowing in circles. When it finds prey, it erupts from the ground and pursues it relentlessly until the prey has either escaped the somalcygot's territory or been killed. Somalcygots only leave their territory to mate, and always live either alone or in a mated pair with offspring. Despite their solitary natures, they are fully sentient and are even capable of telepathic communication.

Notes Edit

  • Somalcygots were introduced in the Pathfinder adventure The Moonscar, published in 2012. They later appeared in Bestiary 5.
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