Solaryd is humanoid, sapient specie from Andromeda Galaxy with colonies in Milky Way Galaxy. They are from Solaryd Empire.

Thay appearced in Marcin Mortka's book trilogy named Zagubieni (Inwazja, Zwiad, Misja ratunkowa).

Description Edit

Solaryds are sapient, humanoids living on desert planets. They are tall, lanky and exudes bright light. They communicate with speech and eat solar energy. Those species colonize only planets with average temperature higher than 42°C. Below this temperature they fall into lethargy.

Government Edit

Solarys live in powerful Solaryd Empire located in Andromeda Galaxy with colonies in Milky Way Galaxy. It isn't warrior state and truly believe in free trade and declare war to all stellar empires that wouldn't allow them create commercial outlets on their planets. Currency in this state is Solaryd Solar Tones.

Solaryd Empire was ally of Intersystem Union. They have colony on Earth, on Sahara Desert, called Solaris.

They refute one invasion of Trytolian clan. After that their intelligence agency created reports about Trytolian and give the informations about them to Intersystem Union. After half a year of 2313 Trytolian invastion on Sol System, part of Solaryd private entrepreneurs join on site of terrorist organisation of Destroyers giving them their spaceships, including Ahan't-class cogas.

Appearances Edit

  • 2013: Zagubieni. Inwazja by Marcin Mortka (mentioned only)
  • 2014: Zagubieni. Zwiad by Marcin Mortka
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