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The Slurm Worms are a race of sapient slug-like aliens, best known for producing and selling the soft drink Slurm.

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The Slurm Queen producing "Slurm"

All the galaxy's Slurm is produced in a factory on their homeplanet - planet Wormulon. However, this factory is a front, as the true secret of Slurm is that it is actually a fluid produced by the Slurm Queen, much the way honey is created by bees. This secret is closely guarded, for obvious reasons.


Slurm Worm's reproduction



Little is known about this race's method of reproduction; however, there are two clues to work on:

  1. The existence of a Slurm Queen suggests some sort of hive society, though this may be purely cultural and not related to reproduction. In this case, it's possible that the Queen's main function within the hive isn't to reproduce, but to produce Slurm.
  2. When Glurmo is cut in half, he becomes two smaller, but whole, creatures, suggesting that all Slurm Worms may be capable of reproducing by binary fission.
Slurm 2

The true factory of Slurm

Fry and the Slurm Factory



  • Futurama, s01e13, "Fry and the Slurm Factory" (1999)


  • Despite their name, they appear to be mollusks rather than annelids.