Universe Oddworld
Homeworld Oddworld
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Slogs are a canoid species inhabiting Oddworld.

Biology Edit

Slogs are vicious canoid beasts who inhabit Oddworld. They are mostly found in Eastern Mudos; Slegs, a relative to Slogs, dominate the west of the continent. Slogs are most often domesticated by Sligs and Glukkons for use as guard slogs. They can learn to be recalled and can heel on command, suggesting they are somewhat intelligent. Wild slogs live in the desert. They sleep lying down but slogs inside facilities seem to prefer sleeping while standing up.They will attack and eat almost anything alive, especially if ordered to do so by a Slig. Baby slogs are called sloggies. Slogs possess incredibly powerful jaws and no visible eyes; the crest is used as a sonar dish, as slogs are constantly barking, using it as a form of ecolocation, and it bounces off objects and back onto the head crest, creation a mental image of the slogs surroundings. As well as this, they can smell fear, enhancing their guarding ability. Even as sloggies, they can overpower mudokons like abe. Regular beatings from their slig masters means the domesticated slog is more paranoid and violent than wild slogs.

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Wild slogs relaxing in the desert.

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