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"That just revolting"
―Dawn after discovering the corpse of a Slobberer victim

Slobberer is a name given to mutated worms infected by the Virus in the book and TV series Wicked. Their name comes from the slobbering sounds they make when they have sighted and are attacking prey.


Starting off as regular worms; they first develop visible eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth upon infection by the virus. Their skin also turns a sickly green and they begin to swell in size.

Their most prominent feature is their tongue; which is split into four sections. Each section has a set of hooked barbs on the tip dripping with the virus. When attacking, the Slobberer will sometimes spit out its tongue like a net to wrap around a victim. If the victim manages to break free the creature will just wait until they are weakened from their wounds and initial infection by the virus before going in for the kill.

It is implied that Slobberers never stop growing so long as they are properly fed; the largest one seen in the show was the size of a doubledecker bus.

Diet/ Feeding[]

Slobberers feed on the flesh and bones of other living creatures and attack any creature equal in size or smaller than themselves in order to feed. When they find prey the will launch themselves at their victim and latch on to them with their sharp teeth. They then make a wound on the prey with their tongue and proceed to suck the inside of the victim out through the wound, leaving nothing but an empty skin.


  • Size: As they get larger they lose much of their mobility, making them easier to avoid or trap and kill.
  • Blunt force: Like regular worms they can still be crushed with the right amount of force