The Slissü are a sapient species from the planet Toka in the Hokas Universe.

Biology Edit

Reptilian creatures with tyrannosaurian forms.

History Edit

The Slissü were a reptilian species and one of two dominant species. And the Slissü, being stronger and more warlike, preyed on the Hokas.

However when the first human ship from the Interbeing League, they sided with the Hokas, wishing to colonize Toka and favored more peaceful neighbors. They started by introducing the Hokas with various articles and technologies from Earth's Western American culture.

The Hokas being enthralled with the lifestyle of the Old West, converted their society to match it in detail. They soon developed gunpowder, rifles, language based on the American West. The Hokas spread westward across the plains, driving the Slissü before them. Eventually Slissü developed their own technologies, such as gunpowder, though it did little to help against the Hokas new inspiration and bravery.

In years to come, the Slissü were forced to abandon Toka. Abandoning their home world en masse, they became free wanderers throughout civilization becoming involved in many grey areas of society.

Culture Edit

In the aftermath of the cultural contamination of the Hokas by the humans, the introduction of American West culture, the Slissü adapted their culture, becoming warbands that paralleled the Indians of the Old West. When their weapons against the Hokas proved useless the Slissü adapted and for a time took advantage playing the victim to the Hokas

Becoming Noble Savages, they wrote pamphlets about the Vanishing Tokan, a novel such as The Last of the Reptiles , which became a planet-wide best seller. Wrunging tears from the Hoka leaders and, and against the humans strongest advice, were given some of the best oil lands on Toka for reservations. Thanks to this they became wealthy and became wise to the galactic community.

Appearances Edit

  • Earthman's Burden (1957)
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