Slimes are a species of gelatinous creature found through the "Far, Far Ranch" of the unnamed Alien Planet, and main key species found within the game "Slime Rancher".


Slimes are ball-shaped alien creatures with gelatinous bodies. Much of their anatomy consists of a round body with a face, with two eyes and a singular small mouth at the center of the head. Common traits for all Slime Species include a permanent smile on their faces, and the sounds they emit, heard in a form of high-pitched, child-like cries.

Slimes are highly adaptive, considered the dominant lifeform on their planet as species of Slime inhabit numerous different biomes all over the Far, Far Ranch.

They are omnivorous creatures, capable of successfully consuming fruits, vegetables, and Hen Hen meat. They don't appear willing to consume Human meat, however.



A standard Pink Plort, created by a Pink Slime.

Slimes had been domesticated and farmed by Humans, which are referred to as Slime Ranchers. These Ranchers breed and farm numerous species of Slimes for a mineral known as a "Plort". Plorts are specialized objects reproduced by a well-fed Slime, which are then exchanged for both profit or equipment enhancement.

Different values are placed on various types of Plorts, as while they all share a global appearance, different Plorts are created to mirror the slime they came from. though Quicksilver Slime Plorts aren't sellable in the common market.



Largo Slime SP

Largo Slimes are the result of a pure species of Slime consuming a Plort not of its own species, which in turn results in a hybridized Slime. The results of such are various, and numerous forms of Largos can emerge at any time. They are naturally larger than normal pure Slime species.

Slime Ranchers prefer Largo Slimes, as they produce more Plorts than a pure Slime, but it comes at a risk of transforming into a Tarr if it consumes yet another plort not related to the two Slimes its hybridized with.


Gordo Slime SP

Gordo Slimes are the rare result of numerous slimes of the same species merging together into a much larger form. Gordos are stationary, and incapable of movement on their own accord.

Gordos don't reproduce any Plorts, but do constantly feed until they burst into normal forms of themselves. This process is harmless to the Slimes involved, so Slime Ranchers often feed Gordos until this occurs to farm the pure slimes released.


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