Altitude monster concept
Full-body artistic illustration of the creature.
General Information
Homeworld Extradimensional
Habitat Atmosphere
Skin Colors Black
Locomotion Flight
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Unknown
Behavior Hostile
Racial Abilities Flight
Time Travel (possibly)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Altitude

The "Skythulhu" is an extradimensional manifestation of unknown origins.

Biology Edit

Skythulhu, named after the Lovecraftian mythos creature Cthulhu, is a gigantic cephalopod-like being who lives within a dimension of endless sky and storms. Its body, according to artist illustrations, is over fifty feet long (~ 15 meters) and resembles the base for a large bee or wasp. Two wing-like protrusions extend from its back, and numerous tentacles stretch from the frontal area of the creature. It also has a lamprey-like mouth.

The creature, despite its gigantic size, is capable of flight through the world it's been found in, easily capable of keeping up with a modern aircraft. Its tentacles are very dexterous and maneuverable, but are actually extremely weak as a normal Human can be proven challenging in a tug of war.

It has also shown a rather intriguing case of moving its victims through time, bringing them into a different point in history entirely depending on who encounters it.

History Edit

During a flight to a concert, Sara, Bruce, Cory, Mel, and Sal were all seemingly transported into the creature's dimension. During this, the monster kills Cory, Mel, and Sal, and attempts to kill Sara during their flight. However, it strangely disappears and releases Bruce and Sara back into the real world, but placing them in the past instead of the present day.


  • Altitude (2010)

Notes Edit

  • In Altitude, Bruce Parker claims the creature is a manifestation of his mind out of sheer fear. This is unlikely though, considering the time-travel that occurred upon his return to the real world, something he couldn't manifest.
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