Sky Lords of Indigarr
Sky Lords of Indigarr
General Information
Homeworld Indigarr
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe

The Sky Lords of Indigarr were a race of gods that ruled the heavens of the planet Indigarr.

Biology Edit

The Sky Lords resembled the inhabitants of Indigarr save that they were giants.

History Edit

The Sky Lords of Indigarr were worshipped by the native inhabitants of Indigarr. However after several years the prayers of their worshippers began to go unanswered for no reason. The world of Indigarr became afflicted with a drought. The inhabitants desperate for rain pray to Thor the God of Thunder hearing many of his exploits from passing starships.

Thor answered their prayers bringing rain and was treated to their cave slime ale. The thunder god was disturbed that Indigarr’s deities would ignore their worshipper prompting to investigate their city. He found it to be deserted with no sign of battle or any indication of what transpired. It was only until he opened a locked storage house did he find every man, woman and child of the city butchered like animals. Thor recognized it to be the handiwork of an old foe, Gorr the God Butcher and after dispatching the Black Berserker that was station to guard the monument of slaughter, Thor torched the Sky castle to burn the remains of the immortals.

Culture Edit

The Sky Lords appears to be a Warrior culture. Their archives contain stories of ruthless and powerful warriors.

Known Members Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Thor: God of Thunder Vol 1 1
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