Good Business Alien
General Information
Other Names "Bug"
Height 2-3 Feet
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Alien Language (heard as roars, hisses, and crackles)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Good Business Universe
Created by Simon Roy (Comic)

Ray Sullivan (Short Film)

Skwoids are a Tribal race of crustacean-like Aliens. They first appeared within a Comic written by Simon Roy known as Good Business. In 2017, DUST adapted the story into a short film under the same name. Both works play out the same way.

They're featured in both works as being involved in a trade with Humans for their ammunition and weaponry. They're seemingly at war with Humanity, though it's unknown to what extent.

Appearance Edit

The Skwoid stand about as tall as a standard large dog, a number of anatomical features mirroring that of crustaceans. They have armored carapaces, with four armored legs. Their eyes are slightly stalked like a lobster or shrimp. The only seemingly unarmored part of their bodies is their underbellies and their four, pinkish tentacles.

Behavior Edit

Skwoids appear to live in a tribal-like society, with the leading Skwoid appearing with a chieftain staff. Despite this, they are shown to be familiar with modern technology, able to easily use and recognize modern weaponry such as firearms and explosives. While it is unclear as to their technological extent, one of them was shown to have a translator on its back, able to translate the human language to Skwoid language. It's not explained if it was the Skwoids who made or if it was given to them.

Notes Edit

  • Their name "Skwoid" was only revealed in the short film adaptation by DUST. They were only referred to as "bugs" in the original comic.
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