Skulk NS2
General Information
Locomotion Quadrapedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Natural Selection Universe

The Skulk is the primary form and most common of the species Kharaa from the video game franchise Natural Selection. It is always the starting alien a player becomes when playing as a Kharaa. Their name comes from reports that the creatures were constantly "skulking" around them in the shadows.


Skulks are small, quadrupedal creatures often serving as scouts for the Kharaa. They're weaker than most other Kharaa, with four frail limbs and are about the size of a standard large dog. Skulks have multi-hinged jaws to deliver deadly bites to their prey, and each limb ending in a singular dagger-like leg bone which they can use to run along walls and ceilings, and leap onto enemy marines.


  • Parasite - Skulks are capable of shooting a parasitic projestile onto an enemy marine player. This parasite allows other Kharaa to sense where the infected player is.
  • Xenocide - By altering its own chemestry (opening glands and mixing within the center of the body) Skulks are able to explode violently. This is considered a suicidal act on the Skulk's part.
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