General Information
Homeworld Unknown (nomadic species)
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Heroman Universe
Created by Stan Lee

The Skrugg are a race of highly technologically advanced aliens in the anime/manga series Heroman.

Introduction Edit

A specific ship of the Skrugg intercepts up an interplanetary message originating from Earth, in which Matthew Denton invites his "neighbors and friends" to visit Earth. The commander of the Skrugg immediately decides to invade the planet in order to secure their future resources.

Culture Edit

Lifestyle Edit

The original homeworld of the Skrugg is neither seen nor mentioned in the series, but their attitude towards Denton's communication and the fact they are seen leaving a lifeless, collapsed planet behind before traveling to Earth seems to indicate they are a purely nomadic species (at least the group seen), occupying planets on occasion for resources and leaving them as empty husks.

Language Edit

"Skrugg" is the word they use to refer to themselves, but not much is certain about their home language, as they seem to have dominated a sort of 'universal translator' device. They use the device to communicate directly to humans.

Technology Edit


Three deceased Skrugg, isolated by their collapsed "shell armors".

The Skrugg have a technology far more advanced than that of humans, their spacecrafts being capable of extremely fast interstellar space travel. Each individual Skrugg has a shell-like armor attached - and perhaps biologically fused - to their exoskeleton, which can easily withstand even the shots of multiple tanks' cannons, as well as an instant translating system activated by pressing a button under their neck. Upon sustaining deadly wounds, the armor collapses upon itself, closing up and destroying its user's body. They posses very effective weaponry, which sends out a red-colored shock wave with power to destroy armored vehicles upon impact. They also posses melee polearms, perhaps reflecting on their culture as a warrior race.

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