The Skorr are a sapient avianoid-humanoid race with three pairs of limbs: legs, arms and wings.

They were once a war-mongering race, priding themselves in the ability to rapidly breed vast armies. In the mid 21st century, a respected Skorr prophet named Alar led his people to a new era of peace and prosperity. The Skorrs are masters of advanced technology, and have created the mysterious artifact known as the Soul of the Skorr to preserve the brain patterns of their old leader. The Soul of the Skorr harbors such a religious significance to them that the Vedala feared a jihad of galactic proportions when the artifact in question was stolen.

Some sources have referred to members of this species as Aurelians. It is possible that the two names are synonymous; Aurelia being the name humanity has given to the Skorr's homeworld; and Skorr being the name they use for themselves. Another possibility is that the name Skorr refers not to the species, but to the religious group that followed Alar's teachings.

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