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Skooks resemble Humans, except their heads regrow an infinite number of times if shot off. Jack Jeebs and Dak Jeebs are Skooks.



Jack Jeebs regrowing his head

Skooks are dysprosium-based [1] humanoids capable of regenerating lost limbs, at least their heads. They don't need oxygen for breathing, but still need it for regenerating. As a result, they can survive in the vacuum of space but cannot regenerate there. Physically, despite their metallic biochemistry, Skooks bear fleshy bodies that are externally identical to Humans, but internally, their blood is green. Their regeneration is rather quick, and they are able to speak and sense during the process. It is known that despite their fast regeneration, having their head destroyed is still known to cause them pain, and sometimes, certain traits do not properly regenerate, depending on where the blow that destroyed their head was dealt. For instance, if shot in the mouth, their taste buds would not properly regenerate. Unlike most aliens, who are usually completely vaporized by a single shot from the energy weapons of the Men in Black, shots from the same weapons can only destroy one Skook limb at a time. In addition, Skooks possess at least one organ that does not regenerate.


  • Men in Black (1997)
  • Men in Black: The Roleplaying Game (1997)
  • Men in Black: The Series (1997)
  • Men in Black II (2002)


  • Men in Black: The Roleplaying Game's publication "Alien Recognition Guide #1" gave the name for this species, and the substance that makes up their biochemistry in place of carbon. The same publication calls Skooks "felinoids" despite their Human-like appearance. This implies that Skooks are descended from a feline species, later evolving a Human-like appearance, similar to Tamaraneans.


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