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Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who

The Skithra were a species of scorpion-like aliens.

Biology Edit

Skithra resembles giant scorpions with green armor. They were a Hive species meaning their queen was connected to the totality of the race. If she died the entire hive would. They were capable of firing an electrical energy from their stingers. When charging the stinger would glow green and would turn red when about to be fired.

Background Edit

During the 19th century the Skithra had accumulated technology from the Silurians, Venusians, Klendov, and Dullirians. However their technology had begun to break so in order to locate a skilled mind for repairs they sent out a repurposed Orb of Thassor to Earth. In 1903 Nikola Tesla discovered the Orb and inadvertently responded to their message, marking him to be taken by the Skithra. The race were foiled by the Doctor and her compatriots.

Culture Edit

A scavenger race the Skithra stole the technology of other species. They believed themselves to be a superior race and this were entitled to take what was. However they lacked the will to understand the technology they stole, thus their technology would degrade prompting them to locate an adequate engineer and force he or she to repair their technology.

Appearance Edit

  • Doctor Who Season 12: Episode 4: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
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