Alien Species

The Skedar are a warlike race of aliens from the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy galaxy. They are serpentine creatures, like large Earth snakes, but in battle they are usually seen in biomechanical armatures which are much larger than their natural state (up to slightly above human height) and leave only their backs exposed.

A ruthless, violent, and hostile race that have made war into a religion which they devoutly follow, the Skedar have been engaged in hostilities with the another Milky Way galaxy species called the Maians for centuries since the Maians encountered them near Delta Eridanus in AD 1650. The two races fought a protracted war for centuries without a clear victory in sight for either.

In 2006, Skedar fanatics discovered a message pod from a derelict ship on Earth. The ship was of Cetan origin and equipped with a weak nuclear force decoupler, a vastly power planet-destroying weapon that would give the Skedar a balance-tipping advantage in war. The Skedar came to Earth and located the weapon under the Pacific Ocean. The Skedar approached the Human-run dataDyne Corporation, and traded their technology (such as personal shields and cloaking devices) in exchange for the resources needed to reach the Cetan ship and gain control of its primary weapon. In their dealings with dataDyne, they often took the appearance of blonde-haired Scandinavian-looking men in their twenties, known as Mr. Blonde. They also established contacts within the United States of America's National Security Agency, through which they attempted to persuade the President of the USA to loan dataDyne the Pelagic II, a deep sea research vessel which would allow them to reach the Cetan ship. Unbeknownst to the human conspirators, their Skedar allies would most likely test the weak nuclear force decoupler on Earth once they obtained control of the Cetan ship which would destroy the planet. When the conspirators were unable to persuade the president, they attempted to kidnap the president and replace him with a clone that would do their bidding, but they were thwarted by Earth's Carrington Institute and their Maian allies. After the failure of their careful scheming, he Skedar and dataDyne decided to just hijack the Pelagic II, with which they were able to finally reach the Cetan ship. Carrington Institute agent Joanna Dark, Maian Protector One alias Elvis, and Dr. Carroll, an AI who defected from dataDyne were able to gain control of the ship's systems and destroy it.

The Skedar assaulted the Carrington Institute in retaliation, taking Agent Dark prisoner on board one of their assault ships, but she escaped captivity on-board the assault ship and was able to assist a Maian boarding party and locate the Skedar holy planet, which the Maians had hitherto been unable to locate. Agent Dark and the Maian fleet assaulted the planet and assassinated the Skedar leader and his clones, dealing a death blow to the Skedar leadership and morale.

Skedar weapons include the mauler, reaper, and slayer.