The Skakoans were a vaguely humanoid race of mammalian beings native to the planet Skako. Because the atmosphere of Skako was unusually dense, Skakoans evolved over time to survive in the intense pressures there. This meant that nearly all Skakoans remained on Skako, since the equipment needed to maintain the unusual atmospheric pressure was prohibitively expensive. Any Skakoan caught on a world with low atmospheric pressure would explosively decompress.

Despite their relative anonymity, Skakoans were known for their ability to create microelectronics, and their manufacturing processes were considered quite advanced. Very few beings ever saw a Skakoan without their protective suits, although it was believed that they resembled gaunt humans with folds of sickly-colored skin.

During the last decades of the Old Republic, the Skakoan presence in the galaxy was most felt during the Clone Wars, as the Techno Union sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems while under the direction of Wat Tambor.

However, with the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine, the Skakoans were relegated to subordinate positions, and many retreated to Skako, disgusted with the human race. This self-imposed isolation continued even after the Battle of Endor, leading the rest of the galaxy to consider the Skakoans to be secretive xenophobes.

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