Alien Species

The Skaa are an alien race from the space flight simulator game, DarkStar One. They are a vicious race from another galaxy, seeking to conquer our galaxy (for it the game is set here). They serve as the main antagonists in the game, with several points in the story pitting you against swarms of their robotic "Drones".

In the beginning of the game, the Skaa are shown emerging from a giant warp gate as witnessed by two Arrack pirates. When the gate opens, a huge swarm of drones appear and destroy the pirates on sight, but a container full of explosives is sent hurtling from the pirate freighter and crashes into one of the gate projectors. The gate collapses, and the remaining Skaa seek out supplies to rebuild it.

The Skaa, as seen in the story cutscenes, are tall humanoids with glowing red eyes, clothed in long blue robes and arch-like crowns. Their mouths appear to be vestigial yellow growths, and are virtually unused, as the Skaa are capable of telepathy. The Skaa appear to have great psychokinetic powers, as shown in a cutscene where a Skaa delivers a fatal psionic attack, powerful enough to cause bleeding at the ears.
There are only two ships in the game used by the Skaa: the numerous Drones, which were originally believed to be made by the Thul. And then there's the Mothership, whose appearance resembles a colossal blue pyramid. The former is easily defeated by skilled pilots, while the latter has plasma shields that can only be breached by the main weapon of the DarkStar One, called the Plasma Cannon. All Skaa drones are capable of flying to other systems in hyperspace without using the key to the a system's hyperspace gate.


In the story, the Skaa came to the Milky Way galaxy from their own, on a conquest mission. They set up a base in a remote system in Raptor space, striking at targets across the galaxy, mostly research stations. However, they weren't alone in this act. A man named Robert, co-founder of SimRob Securities, betrayed his partner Simon Jarvis to the Skaa in order to gain their trust. He had framed the Thul for the Skaa's attacks, since the former had tense relations with the Galactic Union, thus allowing the Skaa to attack as they pleased. Later in the story, Robert is betrayed by the Skaa and held captive aboard the Skaa Mothership. In a last ditch attempt to stop their plans, Robert sends a message to Kayron Jarvis, Simon's son, with instructions on how to destroy the Mothership. The Skaa find out about this, and he is swiftly killed by a devastating mental attack. However, the message gets through, and Kayron breaches the Mothership's impregnable shields with his ship's Plasma Cannon. After flying through a long trench on the Mothership's surface, he flies into one of the reactor chambers and destroys the energy core, causing a chain reaction in the ship's energy systems. The reaction causes the ship to explode, but a portion of the ship (possibly a command bridge) detaches and flies into the nearby warp gate, returning to their home galaxy.


Based on the appearance of the Energy Core in the Mothership, it is likely that the artifacts that the DarkStar One is built from are of Skaa origin.