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The Sivaoans were a felinoid people from the planet Sivao. They were a nomadic, yet technologically advanced people. Festival was an important holiday for the Sivaoans.

The Walk was a Sivaoan rite of passage into adulthood, without which the Sivaoans would remain categorized as a child, despite years lived. Prior to this ritual, a Sivaoan's name was based on either the village of their birth or the village name of their parents. After The Walk, a Sivaoan would take on a self-chosen name by which they would be known the remainder of their life, appended by the village to which they would go for the Festival.

Until the USS Enterprise came, they did not have stone tip spears; Pavel Chekov had made them. Before that they use fire-hardened sticks as spears for their Walk. They did have knives.

Shashlik was a sort of local food resembling a shishkabob. Noisy-Baby was the local version of ADF syndrome.

The Sivaoans could create lovely weaving and made a cloth called a useful. Along with ties, a useful could be used to make a tent, either in a tree, or on the ground. Usefuls were tied together to make a bridge for crossings of rivers.


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