Alien Species

The Sith were once a race of red-skinned conquerors, native to the planet Korriban.


They were adept in the dark side of the Force, but didn’t master that power until exiled Jedi landed on their homeworld and enslaved them. Under the fallen Jedi’s leadership, the Sith constructed a formidable empire. Eventually the Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow led his people against the Republic in the Great Hyperspace War. However, Naga was betrayed by his apprentice, and the war was lost. The remaining Sith fled into the unknown regions of the galaxy, and eventually resettled on Drommund Kass. Over a thousand years, they rebuilt their empire, and eventually fought the republic again in the Great Galactic War.


The Sith are distinguished by their red skin, which is a light shade when they are young but gets darker as they age. The males possess tendrils in place of facial hair. Both males and females have elongated facial bones on their brows and bottom jaws near their chins.