Sirez was a Nodulian who was one of the 218 alien prisoners escaping from SAR TOP Prison in the Migar System. The escape was constructed by a Vardian known as Zin - who created a wormhole to Earth, where the prisoners took over the life forces of humans on a train into Chicago. Sirez took over the body of a 15 year old called Jordan Baylor.

In the series, he is played by Mpho Koaho.


Upon been taken over by the Nodulian prisoner Sirez, Jordan began acting oddly at home after previously been both an ace student and never been any trouble. The odd changes included staying out late and hanging around with 'rough' kids. As the Nodulian got used to living on Earth, he began to experience respiratory problems similar to asthma - such as coughing and wheezing, which was intially believed to be caused by allergies - but upon been take to the family internist Dr. Alvin Portman, the doctor could not find anything wrong with Jordan. However, he did prescribe Jordan some medicine to deal with the symptoms he was currently experiencing.


Cole comparing the images of Jordan from the milk carton and the Train station CCTV footage.

Jordan then proceeded to disappear some time later - leaving his mother to put out a missing child notice. Jordan himself had met up with Zin, who tasked him and another alien prisoner called Peron with finding a way to 'transfer' a prisoner's life force from one human body to another - expecting quick results. Setting up their operation in an abandoned warehouse, Jordan began to gather 'raw materials' (homeless kids) and bring them back to the warehouse either by persuading or kidnapping them - after which they would be used as experiments for the transfer process - some of which end badly due to the humans Jordan brings been malnourished or addicted to drugs. In the meantime, Jordan continued to receive his asthma medicine after stealing a prescription pack from Dr. Portman and forging new ones with false details - including names of people who are deceased.


A life force transfer experiment fails badly.

When Cole investigates after recognizing the missing child poster of Jordan as one of the people who got off the train, he and Mel meet Jordan's mother - pretending to be police officers using badges from the Watchfire - before investigating his room and learning from his mother about his apparent 'asthma' problem, which Cole believes is due to Sirez adapting to life on Earth and having breathing problems as a result. Investigating further after finding the falsified prescriptions, they find an alley full of homeless kids who have ran away from home due to various issues. Talking to one of the children - a teenage girl called Tina - Mel leaves her number with her in case she sees Jordan, while Cole kindly gives her some money. When Cole questions why the children are sleeping outside in boxes instead of been at home, Mel tells him it's because many have issues at home - adding that although there are agencies to help the children, many stay on the streets due to 'not trusting adults anymore'.


Jordan/Sirez escapes into Lake Michigan.

Cole and Mel's hunt for Jordan leads Cole to briefly find him - only for Jordan to escape into Lake Michigan. Due to his Nodulian nature, Cole tells Mel that Sirez can stay underwater indefinitely, despite been in a human body. Taking a sample, Cole begins to analyze it - finding the water is not sufficient for Sirez as the water lacks the chemical Zinc, which Nodulians need. Receiving a call from Tina about Jordan's location after she sees him, Cole kindly invites her over to the Watchfire - much to Mel's chagrin although she understand's Cole's reasons - and later learns about why she left home. Tina explains to Cole that her mother's new boyfriend was a 'total perv' who used to try and watch her when she showered. When Tina tried to explain this to her mum, her mother refused to believe Tina and instead believed that her daughter was making it up to try and ruin her new relationship. When Cole asks about her father, Tina explains that her mum hates him and that her mother took Tina away after her parents divorced - with Tina having no idea where her father is now. As Mel talks to Cole in private about referring Tina to social services, Tina overhears and leaves due to not wanting to be sent back to her mother - only to be found and kidnapped by Sirez.

Finding out Sirez is using a closed down pool to stay close to water and get the zinc his body needs, Cole checks all of them out. In the last pool he visits, he hears Tina's screams as Sirez and Peron attempt the 'life force' transfer on her. Temporarily incapacitating Jordan, Cole manages to save Tina while Peron uses the opportunity to flee. Telling Tina to return to the Watchfire, Cole pursues Sirez as he breaks free and runs as well. Using his hyper-time ability, Cole catches Sirez and takes his life force, before carrying Jordan's lifeless body away.

Cole takes the Sirez's life force.

Mel later gets a call from the hospital that the children recovered from the warehouse will be okay - while Cole destroys the equipment and hopes Zin will not be able to recreate it, despite loosing Peron. Finally, Cole helps Tina track down her father. After watching them reunite, he quietly wishes her the best of luck with her life before heading back to the Watchfire.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 8: Children of the Night

Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 22: Remember When (Stock Footage)

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