Siren (Lanfeust of Troy)
General Information
Homeworld Troy
Sapience level Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

Sirens are a species of aquatic creatures native to the polar reaches of the planet Troy.

Biology Edit

Sirens resemble green scaled aquatic women with the lower half of a fish. They possess yellow eyes and long messy seaweed-like hair. When threatened the possess sharp teeth that can rip flesh.

Culture Edit

Sirens are regarded as myths by the people of Troy, and none have been observed. Its unknown if they are intelligent though are highly dangerous if provoked.

They were actually a result of an experiment by a self-proclaimed scientist known as Red Haleg the Sorceress. She used teh abilities of her assistant Igor to blend various creatures to create hybrids. One such experiment was a girl that was raised by trolls and was blended with a fish. The trolls eventually rescued and Red Haleg was last seen being prepared to dinner. Her laboratory containing a sample of the girl's essence remained in her lab until the it was destroyed, releasing a new species into the waters.

Appearances Edit

  • Lanfeust de Troy: Les Pétaures Se Cachent pour Mourir
  • Trolls de Troy #5 - Les maléfices de la thaumaturge 
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