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Homeworld: Cryslon

Known Emperors: Igneous, Geode, Sedimen, Crystous, Granid, Carnax, Igneus Maximus, Sedimin, Krakatoa, Quorzom, Vorkronoa, Sandebar

Racial Tendencies: Xenophobic Expansionists

Tech Specialties: Good Computers, Poor in all other research fields.

The Silicoids were crystalline beings. Their population grew slowly, but pollution and hostile environments did not harm them at all. This allowed for early colonization of rich, hostile worlds. The Silicoids were skilled at new computer research, but were poor in all other fields of technology. Their fleet preferred larger ships. Silicoid emperors were usually hostile and expansionistic. They were enemies of the Darloks, but were more favorably disposed towards the Humans, Klackons, and Meklars.

Cryslon had long been the home of perhaps the strangest race in the known universe. Their appearance had greatly changed over time (their number of eyes had greatly decreased) but their general survivability remained. The Silicoids were silicon-based life-forms, and they were immune to pollution and did not require food to survive. They could support high populations on all types of planets. Their populations did grow slowly, though. In diplomacy, the Silicoids were at a severe disadvantage; they could not make deals beyond war, peace, and surrender. The Silicoids of earlier eras did not have this communication problem, and it is not known where it came from. Silicoid leaders were Dictators, and were reputed to be highly xenophobic and expansionistic. The Silicoid race had respect for the Darloks and Klackons (two aggressive races); they did not trust the Elerians or the Meklars.