Silas Aden

Silas Aden was an ex-Colonial Marine that became stranded on an unnamed world in hostile territory. Though originally out for himself, he eventually becomes a hero to the people of his adopted home.

History Edit

Silas was born an orphan in a refugee camp on Erebus Minor, living a life scavenging for food and shelter. To escape his harsh life he joined the Colonial Infantry and was sent off on multiple tours in the Outer Territories.

However military life began to take its toll on Aden who wanted out. He joined a group of like-minded soldiers who went AWOL. Together they entered the smuggling business, pooling their resources to purchase a rig.

Aden and his friends made good money and best of all were free, however after taking a short-cut through Ono Mao territory the group stumbled upon a damaged Ono Mao research vessel. The group forcibly boarded the ship, and found only a group of scientists. They looted the ship of advanced weaponry, but an Ono Mao military ship arrived answering the research ship's distress signal. Aden's friends were killed, but he managed to escape in his shuttle using an emergency warp.

As Aden was escaping his shuttle was caught by the radiation field surrounding Primus Polaris, drawing him into the stratosphere and crashing on the planet's surface. Silas survived and with the assistance of his A.I. program Richter managed to make it halfway through the scraplands until he came across a Rover. The Rover injured him, but he managed to kill it using his stolen Ono Mao pistol. He encountered the solo, Mendel who had crash on the planet years ago. Offering to help him he guided Silas to his home, where he explained the history and state of the planet. Despite Mendel's insistence that escape was impossible, Silas believed that with the leftover technology it was possible to rebuild a ship and leave.

He parted with Mendel after the latter guided him to the Slab, where he could link up with one of the tribes. On his journey to the where the tribes would meet, he encountered a solo and his pet Reptrox when they awoke him from his sleep. Frighten by their sudden appearance Silas threatened them with his weapon until they left.

Days later he witnessed a cargo ship crashlanding on the Slab and decided to investigate. While investigating the ship he was captured by Ebo and Onica Verona.

The two planned to sell him to Ozender at the meet, but witnessed Ozender's Tribe attacked by Rovers. Unable and unwilling to assist, Silas convinced that he could help if he was given back his gravity gun. After Silas dispatched the Rovers with his weapon he earned the respect of Ozender and his tribe.

After a week more tribes and other solos began to gather at the wreckage of the cargo ship so as to be under the leadership and protection of Lord Silas. Silas an opportunist believed his salvation in escaping the planet was on the ship, however Onica who became like a second in command to him, reminded that the people on the planet were tribal and the only home they knew was right here. She pleaded him to act like a leader and divert his attentions to the community. He acceded and called forth the support from his new followers, stating that they needed cooperation with each other and unity in order to survive. Silas taught them the basic of welding and showed them Rictor to access his archive of information allowing them to build adequate structures and power units. He also drew in the experience and wisdom from several solos who assisted in creating new cultivation techniques for food. Within a few months a small town and a stable food source was created.

When Silas managed to discover an undamaged spacecraft within the ship, he was caught by Onica reminding him of his responsibility to his people. While outside the perimeter of the Community, Silas was captured by the Rovers and brought to the Skyladder. In a sham trial he was convicted of acts of terrorism against the Ono Mao Republic by General Boa. He was condemn to be lobotomized into commodified for the betterment of Ono Mao society.

Before he was operated on Koma following his scent rescued him. He also was shocked to discover that Mendel was captured, and was tortured and blinded for information on Silas. Silas escape together with his old friend despite the old man's insistence to leave him behind. During their escape Mendel praised Silas for his accomplishments stating he was a hero to the people on this planet, only to have Silas break down in tears confessing his life as a slaver. Mendel forgave him stating he too had a checkered past in which he abandoned his Noxalite allies to the Rovers during his first few moths on the planet. Mendel eventually succumbed to his wounds, forcing Silas to burn his remains and make the trek back to the Community on foot with Koma. He was pained with hunger and was tempted to eat Koma but refused, and eventually was found by Onica who informed him of the impending doom. Knowing that their chances of winning against the Ono Mao were slim, Silas and Onica slept together before joining the rest of their comrades into battle.

The Community manged to take down a few Rovers, but were gradually being overwhelmed, so Silas in the chaos ordered the Community to surrender, whilst he went to retrieve the spacecraft he discovered days ago. Rather than escape Silas made a suicide run at the space elevator where General Boa was stationed, killing the entire Ono Mao presence and deactivating the Rovers. Silas crash landed on the planet again, and was fatally wounded, he gifted the Community, Richter and told them to learn from it and continue to build a civilization.

The legacy of Silas Aden would be passed down to the younger generations of the Community who saw him as some Messiah figure. The image of the man who liberated the people from the Ono Mao would heavily influence his son Aden, who continuously sought to be worthy of his father's legacy.

Silas's image as a local hero was commercialized by Heliocor, who created a massive statue of him in their plan to expand tourism to the ruined planet of Primus Polaris.

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