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Sidney Berkin was the name of a human who was taken over by an alien criminal during the mass escape from SAR TOP to Earth. The alien's real name, his/her reason for been imprisoned on SAR TOP and his/her species are not revealed - although Sidney is most likely a Desserian like Zareth due to his ability to 'blend in' with the crowd.


Sidney was sent to break into the Watchfire during a strong snowstorm to look for items for Zin - using an
Sidney Berkin 2

Sidney using the alien tracking device, known as the Ark.

alien tracking device called 'the Ark'. However, he was still inside when Mel and Cole returned from the Opera - staying out of sight. When Nestov arrived shortly after with people who were outside in the snowstorm (and who Mel let in to get them out of the cold), Sidney managed to blend in with the crowd, although Cole did sense his presence.

Avoiding a female news reporter who tried to interview him and giving false details about what he had been doing before coming into the Watchfire, he waited until the lights temporarily went out (along with Cole been busy arguing with Nestov) before pulling out an alien weapon - called a Kraz - and shooting a human called Harry Spinelli in the hope that the murder would provide him with the opportunity to escape. This attempt was thwarted, however, as Mel's former boyfriend and police detective Vic Bruno entered the bar. Cole, meanwhile, took a sample of blood from Harry and
Sydney's vision

Sidney's vision.

began to run tests on it in his room. However, as he identified the toxin, Sidney (who had sneaked upstairs) shot Cole with an Electricity Drain (which acted like a tazer but in reverse). Although not enough to kill Cole, it did temporarily knock him unconscious - allowing Sidney to damage Cole's equipment in the hope of stopping Cole finding out that he killed Harry.

When Cole woke up, he realized what he had been hit with as well as knowing the man who attacked him was a fugitive - blaming their long period on Earth and adapting to its atmosphere as been the reason why Cole struggled to sense the alien. He also explained to Mel that the weapon used to kill Harry was a Kraz (a pistol-shaped laser that causes a sped up version of
Sidney Berkin 3

Sidney opens fire on Cole and Vic with his Kraz weapon.

coronary heart disease in humans, been fatal instantly, as well as giving off a smell similar to roasted chestnuts when used). Asking for Nestov's assistance, Cole sent him to acquire DNA samples in any way from all the people downstairs. Nestov managed to do this, although not very well. Furthermore, Detective Bruno came upstairs to question Cole - asking about what he was doing. Cole then decided to tell Vic about his alien origins, although Vic saw it all as been a joke (even asking Mel to check if Cole was an escapee from a mental institution). Analyzing the DNA despite the power losses, Cole managed to identify Sidney as the murderer and headed upstairs - followed by Detective Bruno.

Upstairs, Cole confronted Sidney. As he pulled his Kraz out, Cole used his hyper-speed to push Vic out of the
Cole takes Sidney's life force

Cole takes Sidney's life force.

way - although Vic hit his head in the fall and was knocked out. Dodging the energy blasts, Cole easily defeated Sidney before extracting his life force. Recovering a metal triangle that Mel had talked to Cole about earlier, Mel sees it and says it belonged to her Grandmother - although Cole points out there are Ancient Vardian symbols on it. As Vic recovers from his fall, Cole moves Sidney's body out of the way. The next day, Vic states he will put out a call on Sidney Berkin - although he still regards Cole's story about aliens as nonsense. Checking the symbols on the triangle and translating some of it, Mel also shows Cole her Grandmother's diary - which already has a translation. This lead Cole to believe Mel's Grandmother had been in contact with other Cirronians in the past - adding that Earth has many strange and unexplained wonders such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. Picking up the device Sidney was using (thinking it was Cole's), Mel is briefly distracted by a call from Jess and puts the device down - forgetting about it. 


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 15: Eye of the Storm

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