Shooting Spiner
Shooting Spiner
General Information
Scientific name Himeagea mittetsia
Homeworld PNF-404
Body Type Arachnoid
Locomotion Hexapedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Racial Abilities Poison projectiles
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Shooting Spiner is a arachnid-like species discovered during Captain Olimar's Sparklium expedition.


The Shooting Spiner is a species of arachnid shown to have sexual dimorphism like Sheargrubs: females of the species are slightly larger, and have longer legs with pink "fur", while males of the species are smaller and are duller with grey fur. Both species are able to create and hang from strings of web like true spiders.

Females of the species have more developed legs, which they use to skewer passersby that trespass underneath them. While males can't do this, they are able to shoot poisonous orbs at enemies.

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