The Shofixti are a marsupial-like species that were uplifted by the Yehat. Their culture has a code of honor similar to the Bushidō customs of the Japanese and their spacecraft are equipped with a powerful self-destruct bomb called a "Glory Device" that makes their otherwise weak Scout a dangerous kamikaze weapon similar to the Japanese in World War II. With their friends the Yehat, at the beginning of the Ur-Quan Slave War they joined the Alliance of Free Stars against the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls. At the end of the war (between Star Control I and II) (2090 -2134 CE), and 2134 -2165), after the conquest of the Humans and the withdrawal of the Yehat, the Shofixti caused their own sun to go nova with a Precursor device to destroy the Ur-Quan invasion fleet. This destroyed their entire species, with the exception of a group of female Shofixti in cryogenic suspension in Admiral ZEX's zoo and the brothers Tanaka and Katana who continued to patrol their sterile home system. The Shofixti are capable of very rapid breeding, such that it is possible in Star Control II to repopulate the Shofixti race by bringing the survivors of the two genders together, giving a significant increase in manpower to the New Alliance in only a few months.

Project 6014[edit | edit source]

In Star Control II part 2 also known as Project 6014 (2165 -2169 CE) the Shofixti have built a hugh fleet of their Shofixti Scout ships and there fleet controls all 5 of the stars in the Gorno constellation also they have sent 12 scout patrols to the outer rim of the local quadrant of the galaxy. Only 3 Scout missions did not return on time as of 2165. Of these 3 scout missions one of them returns in late December of 2165 just before of the following year of 2166. The reason why Scout Patrol 3 returned was given that the lead ship in this lost scout patrol had crashed into a asteroid field that it had trouble detecting in one of the stars in the Angstrom constellation. It later went on to discover many worlds in the Hiceatas constellation that had a high density of life forms.

Also the Shofixti have a temporary colony in the Beta Gorno System. There temporary colony at Beta Gorno is governed by a female Shofixti that is a member of the Kishi-Bojin faction and she says that a feudal war amogst the various Shofixti factions is going to happen some day.

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