The Shipwrights were an ancient race of ship-builders that created sentient ships such as Mother, but mysteriously became extinct.

Physiology Edit

The Shipwrights were humanoid with transparent skin with blue-tinged muscles and viscera showing. There are small red orbs that appear to be eyes all over their bodies. Where a Shipwright's head should be, there is a triangular protrusion growing straight from the shoulders, and it resembles a starfish's arms. The head is transparent but covered with a milky, translucent, bumpy flesh. They have short, stubby arms that end in four tapered fingers without an opposable thumb. There is an eye in the palm of each Shipwright's hand.They have long legs with an extra joint. The feet look similar to Big Bird's feet. There are three long toes facing forward and one thicker toe facing forward.

Technology Edit

The Shipwright created Mother, the Riders, and the Blue Meanies. It takes a good deal of technology to do this as Mother contained was a sentient entity with a self-contained environment, but the Shipwrights mysteriously vanished and nothing else about them is known. 

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