General Information
Homeworld Kaishin
Body type Humanoid
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dragon Ball Universe

Shinjin or Core People are a race of of beings from the world of Kaishin. Their race act as the deities of the Dragonball Universe.


Shinjin are similar to humans, showing similar diversity. Their skin varies in greater variety such as blue, pink, purple, yellow, etc. They possess pointed ears and powerful psychic abilities such as flight, ki manipulation, etc. Despite having two sexes, all Shinjin are born from magical fruits on the planet Kaishin. The color of the fruit indicate the type of Shinjin that will emerge, gold being categorized as Shinjin that will be designated as Supreme Kais. The average lifespan of a Shinjin is 75,000 years but those Shinjin born from golden fruits can live to a million years and are afforded greater powers.


Shinjin are normally seem as guardians of Dragonball Universes. They serve the supreme god Zen-Oh, who charged them in maintaining and protecting the sixteen universes.

Their population is only around 80 people, so to maintain order throughout the universes, they draw lots to determine who will take on the mantle of the four Kais, who are the rulers of the galaxies of the quadrant of the universe. The Kais are given tasks to supervise their respective galaxies, with a coterie of Guardians that report to them from life-bearing worlds. Above the Kais is the Grand Kai that oversees the entire universe. Above that title are the Supreme Kais that stand above the Kais. Technically there are suppose to be one, for each quadrant. The Grand Supreme Kai is the highest above them and the ruler of the universe.

As with maintaining order throughout their designated cosmos, they are also charged with preserving the flow of events, thus they are granted use of Time Rings. While the Supreme Kais create and protect worlds, the Gods of Destruction destroy worlds. The Supreme Kais are life-linked to another deity, known as the God of Destruction. Should all the Kais die, the God Destruction will also perish. This is to ensure that Destruction does not overcome Creation thus balance.

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