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Shi'ar (X-Men Messiah Complex Mutant Files)

The Shi'ar are an alien race from an unknown galaxy.


The Shi'ar are an alien race that originated on the planet Chandilar. They forged a mighty inter-stellar empire composed of various races and creatures, all of whom are full citizens of the Shi'ar Empire and are referred to as Shi'ar. To bring the empire closer and better protect it, Majestor T'Korr created the Imperial Guard, an elite fighitng force featuring warriors from all across the empire. A Strontian by the name of Kallark was chosen as it's leader, taking the name Gladiator. On their first mission, the Imperial Guard killed Rook'shir, a Shi'ar who had become one with the Phoenix Force.

They first encountered humanity when D'Ken Neramani, Majestor of the Shi'ar, attempted to use the M'kraan crystal to take over the universe. His younger sister Lilandra Neramani contacted the X-Men, a group of human mutants from the planet Earth, who agreed to assist her in thwarting her brother, and making her the Majsetrix of the Shi'ar. Ever since, the Shi'ar have maintained a cordial, at times friendly, relationship with the X-Men and other superhuman groups and individuals.

The Shi'ar later engaged a war against a rival interstellar empire, the Kree. The Shi'ar decimated the Kree and anexed their territories, although the Kree would eventually free themselves of Shi'ar control. 

The Shiar would face devestation themselves at the hands of Cassandra Nova. Cassandra Nova was the twin-sister of Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men and lover of Majestrix Lilandra. Cassandra possessed her brothers body, using his vast psionic powers take control over Lilandra Neramani and start a civil war in the Shi'ar Empire. Nova was later killed by the X-Men, but the damage was already done. 

One faction of the Shi'ar civil war sought to restore the former Majestor D'Ken to power. They were aided by D'Ken and Lilandra's younger sister, Deathbird. Before these plans could come to fruition however, the Empire faced yet another incursion by an X-Man, this time former X-Man Vulcan whose human parents had been kidnapped by the Shi'ar. Vulcan had been raised in slavery under Majestor D'Ken, and he had vowed to gain revenge. Possessing vast powers, he attempted to singehandedly make his way into the empire and kill D'Ken, but was defeated by the Shi'ar's elite Imperial Guard who imprisoned him. Vulcan was seduced by Deathbird who recruited him to aid his old foe D'Ken. A group of X-Men led by Charles Xavier gained the help of Vulcan's estranged father and his space-faring piratecrew, the Starjammers, attempted to find and stop Vulcan and the plot to restore D'Ken to the throne. 

D'Ken ascended to the throne, and a wedding between Deathbrid and Vulcan was arranged. Taking advantage of a legal technicallity that specified that anyone born within the Shi'ar Imperial Palace was a royal, Vulcan (who had been born in the palace) killed D'Ken, and upon marrying Deathbird, ascended as the new Majestor of the Shi'ar. He defeated the X-Men and Starjammers who had come to stop him, and killed his father. Most of the X-Men escaped, but a group led by Vulcan's older brother, Alex Summers, remained with the Starjammers, who were now led by Alex, to find a way to stop Vulcan.

To restore the empire to its former glory, Vulcan began pursuing an expansionist policy, declaring war against the Kree Empire who were now ruled by the Earth-originated Inhumans. A long and bloody conflict followed, with rising displeasure with Vulcan's rule among his armies and citizens. The battle culminated in an attempt by the Inhumans to detonate a bomb that would turn the entire galaxy into Inhumans. Vulcan met the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, in battle on the ship carrying the bomb. Black Bolt and Vulcan fought viciously, and Black Bolt appeared to gain the upper hand, seemingly defeating Vulcan. Blackbolt's sonic scream only empowered Vulcan, who was able to absorb energy, and the battle commenced once again. After Vulcan gained the upper-hand and promised to kill everyone Black Bolt loved, Black Bolt screamed in anger, his powerful voice overloading the bomb, which instead of turning everyone into Inhumans tore the fabric of reality and killed both Vulcan and Black Bolt.

The leader of the Imperial Guard, Gladiator, was chosen to become the new Majestor of the Shi'ar, who after surrendering became little more than a Kree vassal state. 


The Shi'ar are a fierce warrior culture. They believe strongly in absorbing other cultures into their own, which accounts for the empire's great diversity. Although the empire is home to hundreds of thousands different races across a myriad of worlds, it is ruled by the Shi'ar themselves, in the form of the Majestor/Majestrix, a hereditary title occupied by members of the Shi'ar royal family. While the imperium is nominally ruled over by a council with representatives from the entire empire, the Majestor is head of the council and exercises strong executive control and can dictate policy by decree alone. 

The Shi'ar are extremely intolerant towards artistic creativity and it is thought to be a sign of insanity and deviance. 

Since the M'Kraan crystal, home to the vastly powerful Phoenix Force, is located within their territories, the Shi'ar attempt to do battle with it at all costs, wiping out the entire bloodlines of people who have hosted it, or even those with the potential to. 


The Shi'ar are a cold-blooded humanoid race of avian descent. They closely resemble humans, but with feathers of hair. They have vestigal feathers on their forearms, the remnants of wings which were lost millennia ago, although some genetic throwbacks are born with the ability to fly.  Their bones are hollow, but they possess strength and stamina far beyond that of humans. The average Shi'ar can lift ten tons in Earth gravity. 

With rare execptions, the Shi'ar are incapable of dreamings, and those that can are faced with violent repression. Dreaming is considered a sign of insanity and deviance and those who are born with the ability to dream are usually slain to protect the bloodline. The effects of induced dreaming on a Shi'ar are extremely detrimental and cause catatonia and insanity. 

The Shi'ar cannot survive for long on cold climates since their blood does not generate any heat. 

Their young are hatched from eggs lain by female Shi'ar and are referred to as "hatchlings".