Alien Species

Sheep are species living in Smileyland. Stumpy is the first Smileylander to prove their extraterrestrial origins but none of his friends believe him. It is increasingly obvious that Stumpy is right. They were named after their Earth disguise, but their true name is unknown.


In their camouflage form, they look like normal, non-hostile-looking sheep. They are black with white wool or light grey with black wool. They usually have red eyes, long ears and a short tail. In season 4, being fully sapient, they have now a larger mouth with visible teeth, larger legs with tree digits on each forelimb rather than two on all limbs, purple eyelids and, like the majority of the characters in the series, black floating eyebrows. They can also have haircut or facial hair.

Appearing in season 2, in their true alien appearance, they are dark blue with green wool, purple eyelids and four to six purple and light green tentacles. Their limbs are usually hidden when they stand on one tentacle. Sometime, they show their tentacles without their green wool, or green without tentacles.

Like normal sheep, they live in herd, bleat and eat grass, but they increase their sapience and presence in each season of the show.

It is unknown if all sheep in Smileyland are all alien or only some of them.


Known alien sheep have being seen using the following objects in their alien form :

  • Flying saucer
  • Chainsaw
  • Ax
  • Sword
  • Bazooka
  • Glasses

Known members[]

  • Mr. Sheep (M. Mouton)
  • Mr. Baa (M. Bê)
  • Miss Baa (Mlle Bê)
  • Super-Prof