Sharpwings are large, flying predators native to Aballon, the first planet of the Golarion System. They are among the planet's few biological life-forms.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Sharpwings vaguely resemble pterosaurs in shape, with a few notable differences. They have a long, whiplike tail, and their beaks are filled with teeth. Most notably, it is covered in dozens of yellow, reptilian eyes, dotting its body, head, and wings. These grant it a 360-degree range of vision.

Diet Edit

Sharpwings are obligate carnivores. They generally hunt alone for smaller prey, but in large groups they can take down prey much larger than themselves.

Ovitonomy Edit

The most unusual aspect of sharpwings is their connection to their eggs. A sharpwing egg is covered with the same eyes that the adults are, and either parent can see through the eggs' eyes by concentrating. While doing so, the parent is unable to see through its own eyes. The egg can also see on its own, and can move on small, insectoid legs to evade threats, either on its own volition or under the control of whichever parent is seeing through it. Unlike the exotic powers of many other creatures in the Golarion system and beyond, this ability is explicitly nonmagical, and is believed to utilize quantum entanglement.

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