Sharkticons are a race of shark-like mechanoids who are often affiliated with the Quintessons.


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Like other Cybertronian lifeforms, Sharkticons can transform from humanoid robots into metallic shark/frog-like animals.

Much like Earth piranha, Sharkticons swarm in en masse, making them capable of breathing underwater.

Sharkticons can devour a full-sized robot in a few seconds with their razor-sharp teeth and claws.

Weaknesses Edit

Individual Sharkticons are not especially durable, as they can be easily defeated by well-trained Cybertronians.

Sharkticons can be easily persuaded to switch sides, meaning they are sometimes not very intelligent.

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In the Generation 1 cartoon and "Aligned" novels, the Sharkticons are used as perfect soldiers for the Quintessons. It is not unusual for the Quintessons to throw their captives into a big tank full of the feisty nippers after a mock trial.

In the 2015 Robots in Disguise cartoon, Sharkticons are much more intelligent, as Ragebyte is a scientist. They are also capable of speech.

In the comic series Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel, Sharkticons are more animalistic than their original counterparts.

In the Transformers: Cyberverse continuity family, the Sharkticons' behavior is a combination of past incarnations; they are loyal subjects to the Quintessons yet are sapient enough to be capable of speech.

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