Known as the coming storm, the darkness, evil shrimp from another's galaxy, whatever the galaxy calls them, all know that the Shakturi are the evilest race in the known galaxy (despite not haling from our galaxy). 


The Shakturi are an extragalactic race of insectoids. They resemble terrestrial shrimp but ancient reports by the Freedom Alliance have listed other forms as well. All Shakturi forms should have three large red eyes posted on three large stalks. They also have three tentacle-like protrusions on their face probably there to protect their mouths. They have plates protecting their backs and two large pincers layered with spikes. Shakturi are an aggressive insectoid race but not as aggressive as their Milkyway cousins. They are cold and calculative preferring to sit back and plan attacks rather than doing the attacking themselves. 

Nothing is known about the Shakturi's past before they first arrived in our galaxy. What the Alliance does know is that the Shakturi Supremacy is ruled by a monarchical/dictatorship mix, a special type of government native to their galaxy. The Shakturi technology is quite advanced, probably on par with the Ancient Guardians. Using plasma base missiles that could ignore shields and advancing clone techniques to raise armies in days it seemed nothing could oppose them. To also add insult to injury they also deployed large mobile battle station size planet destroyers to break the will of any potential adversary.

The Shakturi invaded our galaxy sometime after humanity started colonizing the stars. Their first incursion was made when the made contact with the Atuuk kingdom. Through the,m they made contact with the other insectoid races inhabiting our galaxy. While the other more powerful races were trying to figure out what the Shakturi's interest in our galaxy was, they made their intentions known when they aided the Gizureans in their attempt to exterminate the entire Attukian race. With this audacious attack on a beloved empire, they effectively declared war against the galaxy. The other insectoid races flock to Shakturi side and formed the largest alliance the galaxy has ever seen, the Shakturi Axis. In the ensuing year,s the war for the galaxy had become a war for survival. By the time they had reached the Securan homeworld, they had nearly conquered half of galaxy. With no technological or unified force to fight them toe to toe, they swept through every empire that opposed them. This war continued to be one-sided until the formation of the Freedom Alliance, an alliance forged by the Ackdarians, Humans, Kaidans and other associate races. This alliance caught the shakturi by surprise and force them to take a more active role in their war. As the years went by, the war fell into a stalemate. despite the Shakturi's planet destroyers and their vast army, they could not fully quash the rebellious population of each world they conquered nor could they stop the Kaidan's technological advancements to the Freedom Alliance fleets. The Freedom Alliance knew that causing rebellions on Axis worlds and further increasing military deployments would not fully remove the Shakturi threat from the galaxy. They poured through all their options until finally the found their answer, a virus. Kaidan Scientist developed a virus similar to that used on the Attuks but only targeting Shakturi physiology and designated a space arthropod known as a Kaltor as the carrier. These Kaltors attack Shakturi ships spreading the virus throughout their empire and alliance. This opened holes in their defenses where the Alliance attacked their held worlds. Battered and broken, the Shakturi sent what was left of their forces to protect their homeworld in one final battle against the Alliance. They lost, and once they captured the Shakturi foothold they effectively ended any Shakturi reinforcements arriving by the portal. Without any Shakturi to lead them united against their enemies, the Axis eventually fell apart due to infighting and rebellions. What was left of the Shakturi constructed the Beacon, a device that would signal a new invasion once activated by an unsuspecting race?

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