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Shadow the Hedgehog
Biography Information
Homeworld Space Colony ARK
Species Genetically-modified hedgehog, augmented with Black Arms DNA.
Gender Male
Age 50
Height 1 meter
Weight 35 kg
Hair Color Black and red
Eye Color Red
Family Gerald Robotnik (creator)
Black Doom (genetic donor)
Black Arms (siblings)
Maria Robotnik (niece)
Dr. Eggman (nephew)
Occupation G.U.N. agent
Abilities Chaos manipulation
Super speed
Enhanced strength and durability
Personality Arrogant
Affiliation G.U.N.
Team Dark
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sonic the Hedgehog
Created by Takashi Iizuka
Designed by Shiro Maekawa
Performed by Kōji Yusa

Shadow the Hedgehog is a hybrid creature, created by Human scientist Dr. Gerald Robotnik aboard the Space Colony ARK research facility. Deemed as the Ultimate Lifeform; his genetic structure was augmented with DNA from the Black Arms' leader Black Doom.

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