The Sensoids are an android product built by the Havelsh.

Design Edit

A popular Havelsh product, the Sensoid are bio-mechanical robots. These are a strange combination of living creature and machine, designed purely for beauty and sensuality. A variety of models are produced, each specifically for a different set of aliens.

For the first two to twelve years of life, the Sensoids tend to act like artificial people. They obey commands from their owners and work to please. However, this is a temporary condition. Eventually the Sensoids ‘grow’ personalities, feelings and desires. If they have been well treated, they will probably remain attached to their owners. Otherwise they may rebel, usually with the same degree of violence that they’ve already been exposed to. On the open market, ‘free’ sensoids (those who haven‘t yet developed) fetch from 600 to 2400 credits. New, direct from the Havelsh worlds, the price can be 10 times that.

Appearances Edit

  • TMNT: Guide to the Universe by Eric Wujcik (1987)
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