The Selkath were a race of amphibious beings native to the planet Manaan. Humanoid in stature, the average Selkath was distinguished by its sleek, hydrodynamic body. Their long fingers were tipped with poisonous, retractable claws, although many Selkath used these claws only as a last resort. They were the sole producers of kolto during the height of the Great Sith War, and maintained very strict control over its production and export. They chose to remain neutral during the conflict, and tended to view themselves as superior to the rest of the galaxy. Other races regarded this as arrogance, but the Selkath refused to allow one side or the other to gain an advantage by controlling kolto. When production mysteriously halted, the Selkath appealed to the Old Republic for help. Since Manaan was not officially a member of the Republic, help was neved dispatched to the remote world. Since that time, kolto production had steadily recovered, but the Selkath vowed never to allow outside influences to control their planet or the production of kolto. Over the centuries, however, the Selkath civilization regressed into a primitive state, so that by the time Imperial scouts rediscovered the planet, the Selkath were living in undersea caverns and could barely understand the Basic language. Petty warlords staged unceasing raids on each other, leaving the Selkath with no formal defenses. Thus, when the Empire rediscovered the planet, the Selkath were quickly subjugated by Imperial forces. They were forbidden to return to the seas, and those few who tried were brutally punished. A few Selkath maintained a record of their previous prosperity, if only through stories, and remained hidden from their Imperial oppressors until they could stage a rebellion.

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