General Information
Homeworld Vulcan
Habitat Evolved on rainforests, also inhabit deserts
Height Similar to a small bear or a large dog
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Language Makes several loud vocalizations
Subspecies/Races Smaller, domesticated variety
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek Universe

Sehlats are a species of non-sapient mammalianoid predators native to planet Vulcan. They are bear-like in appearance and have six inch long fangs similar to those of a saber-toothed tiger. Their bodies are covered in grayish brown fur. They walk on four paws with long claws on each toe and have a short tail similar to that of a lion.

Despite being originally native to the scarce rainforests of Vulcan's southern hemisphere, Sehlats are not suited for climbing and prefer to remain close to the ground. Smaller Sehlat breeds are commonly kept as pets by Vulcans. As a child, Mr. Spock had a pet Sehlat called I-Chaya.

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