General Information
Other names Cosmo's species
Thorndrigan (male)
Petali (female)
Homeworld Green Gate
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Reproduction Producing planet seeds
Racial abilities Empathetic chlrokinesis
Beast physiology (males only)
Planet manipulation
Chaos energy empowerment
Status Nearly extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sonic X

Seedrians is a nickname used for a species of plant-like aliens who have evolved to assume sapience and a humanoid form. They originate from planet Green Gate.


Male Seedrians; referred to by some as Thorndrigans; are slightly larger than most of the inhabitants of Sonic's world, and are usually rather round, with short tails, small antler-like growths on their heads, and a colored ridge on the top of their heads; they are largely similar to trees in their make-up. Female Seedrians, or Petali, more closely resemble their plant ancestors, being mostly slender and having an arrangement of petals sprouting from their waists and buds — or bloomed flowers — atop their heads.


  • Sonic X


  • The name "Seedrian" is actually a fan designation, as this species has never been named in canon.
  • They appear to be the plant equivalents of the Mobians.
  • Their connection to plant life is similar to the Flora Colossi.
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