General Information
Homeworld Sedonia
Habitat Unknown, likely tropical or arid from their appearance
Height 5ft-6ft
Skin Colors Blue-grey
Locomotion Bipedal
Top Speed probably somehwere above 12.5 m/s
Sapience Level Fully self-aware; capable of abstract reasoning and thought.
Behavior Aggressive and stoic
Status likely (nearly) extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Hunter-Prey Universe
Created by Sandy Collora

Sedonians are a humanoid race from the Hunter Prey universe. They have blue/grey skin and a flat nose, and also appear to have no bodily, facial or scalp hair. Their technology is advanced to the point where interplanetary and interstellar travel are part of their everyday lives. The Sedonians have an empire which holds at least two other alien species, one of which being the Sliak.  The Sedonians are at war with both Humanity and the drax, the former of which was nearly exterminated.


The moment the Sedonians are first seen it is obvious they have some form of space travel. They also have armor that looks mostly metal based, fairly advanced AI technology with each combat suit having one built in, and (possibly) infrared scopes mounted on rifles that shoot what appears to be an energy projectile or a metal round accelerated by electromagnetism to mind-numbing speeds.


The Sedonians are a military culture from what is seen, believing in warrior honor but not above lying to get what they want. They follow the chain of command to a strict letter. The tattoos located on the heads of Sedonians seem to indicate rank. They appear to worship a polytheistic religion with twelve deities and twelve afterlives, and have initiated genocidal campaigns against those who refuse to believe in their religion, one such fate befell the Drax, then Humanity for harboring them. This suggest heavily their government is a theocracy of sorts.

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