Alien Species

The Sectopod is an armored assault walker that is often used by the Ethereals in Terror Attacks and other large-scale engagements.


The Sectopod consists of a well-armored bipedal chassis that is capable of withstanding heavy damage. Its tough armor, which is resilient to most damage types, is supplemented by some sort of shielding that makes it resistant to Plasma weapons. Though the Sectopod can operate on its own, it is usually operated remotely by their Ethereal masters, via a strange telepathic control system. The head module contains the robot's telepathic control link and a sensor array hidden behind a red shield. Its primary weapon is a powerful laser cannon mounted underneath the head, which has enough firepower to tear through just about anything. This combination of strong defense and firepower make it a fierce opponet on the battlefield.

The Sectopod does have one weakness, however. Although it is resistant to most forms of attack, it has been observed that it has a crippling weakness to Laser weapons. It appears that laser beams cause severe damage to the robot's sensing circuitry; a few well-placed shots with any laser weapon can destroy it with ease.