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Scythids are large, hunched leech-like creatures that dig from the ground or emerge from burrows. They have fleshy appendages on their sides that allow them to jump and fly varying distances. All Scythids have thick, menacing mandibles, and some have sharp, jointed limbs they use for slashing at prey. They come in an array of sizes and types, from the small Scythid Crawler to the grotesquely large Giant Scythid. They will often attack vehicles and can pose a danger when massed.

Scythid Variants[]

Scythid Crawler[]

Scythid Crawlers are very small, pale pink Scythids. Though sneaky, their attack style is limited. After approaching a target along a straight line, they will emit a high-pitched noise (akin to a kitten mewing) and leap at the target.

Desert Scythids[]

Desert Scythids look like dark brown scarab beetles with their distinctive shiny backs. They are the fastest type of Scythids, easily able to overtake a target trying to dash or back away. In terms of attack behavior they are the most complex Scythids. In addition to the leaping attack, they will rush the enemy with a narrow zig-zag and when in range, rearing up and attempting a hard-hitting slash attack. Sometimes they will take to the air, frantically flapping their side appendages while extending their slashing spines, and will either try to fly behind their prey while they are distracted with other Scythids, or they will just fly at the target's face and try for a slash attack.

Bursting Scythids[]

Bursting Scythids are big and bloated creatures that prefer to get close to the player and attack exactly like the Crawler. Relative to their size they have very little strength but explode when killed, damaging the enemy if they are too close.

Giant Scythid[]

Colored blue-green along the back with a dull orange underbelly, Giant Scythids are easy to spot. They are also larger, tougher, and harder hitting then the other breeds of regular Scythid. These horrific behemoths are, fortunately, limited in their attack patterns. They steadily approach a target, their heads raised, and swipe with a slashing attack while occasionally will leap at an enemy from close range, knocking them back.

Gallery of Scythid Subspecies[]



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